FR Legends Drifting Game New Update Sneak Peek? 12/2019

FR Legends has been sitting dormant on the update side for quite a long time considering the huge popularity it had off the start. The developers have gone almost silent for months with very few updates to the fans of the highly addictive drifting game.

Today the silence may have finally been broken by an FR Legends beta tester claiming to show the new update of the game. Here is the post and videos below…

” • @rickyislazy We are currently beta testing the new update for #FRlegends, developers have been hard at work to bring you guys a new track, online multiplayer, custom livery system plus refined physics. Thank you all for being patient. ”

If these videos are indeed real, FR Legends looks to have much better texturing and an improvement to the graphics. Online multi-player and a custom livery editer are welcomed additions to the game.

There are no official confirmations on this footage and no word has still been heard from the developers themselves.

Here’s to hoping the new update hits soon and we receive some official confirmation and videos! If you have any information or footage we would love to hear from you!

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