What!? Is Competitive Drifting In Ireland done??

In a shocking turn of events today, David Egan and the the DriftGames team are stepping away from the Irish Competitive Drifting scene!

Known for building up the Irish Drifting Championship, and the DGX series, seeing Dave Egan step away from the sport is heartbreaking and makes us wonder why. Rumors are of course flowing all over the social media sites as to the reason but nothing concrete has been proven.

All we have to go on for right now is this new video and statement from Egan himself.

“To the Irish drift community,

It is with a heavy heart and mixed emotions I announce that my team will no longer be running competitive drifting in Ireland from this September forward. For 10 years, I have loved nothing more than acting as commentator and promoter for Irish drifting across 46 incredible events. I have given the sport the best years of my life and in return, it has given me mine. From the highest highs, to the lowest lows, it has been an adventure from start to finish.

It fills me with intense pride knowing our events have created so many positive memories for so many people. The friendships, relationships, social interactions and good times created have always been just as important as the noise, smoke and speed. Before I discuss the reasoning behind this decision, it is important to reflect on what we, as a community, have achieved over these past 6 years as a result of so much positivity, self-sacrifice and commitment from you all.

I step away, not due to a lack of enthusiasm or belief, but for the greater good at this time.

There is a fitting quote at the end of The Dark Knight that states “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Unfortunately, I believe this quote represents my current position within the Irish drift community. False assumptions, related to perceived financial success, can have an extremely damaging affect on a growing motorsport, especially in a country with limited resources. Drivers, fans and beneficiaries assume they are adding to profit margins, rather than keeping the series alive. This thought process negatively affects all aspects, with most believing their support is not constantly required. It is impossible to run a series that aims to be ambitious, consistent and professional, while remaining unprofitable to preserve popular opinion. For me, the focus should always be what happens on track, not what happens outside it.

Therefore, the Irish drift community will only truly re-unite and re-ignite with an underdog in control. An underdog who’s enthusiasm, work ethic and professionalism, not his personal finances, are solely judged. I know this to be true, as I once was that underdog. I have always put the sport first and my personal interests second. I hope this announcement and the recognition of these issues proves that mindset.

To all the fans, drivers, staff and partners that have helped make this journey so special and successful, I thank you all for your support throughout the years. Drift Games will continue to provide fun, relaxed and enjoyable non-competitive events in Ireland, with a focus on the light-hearted side of car culture. We have many exciting projects in the pipeline and although our future has become relatively uncertain, it is now unrestricted. I will continue my work, night and day, on competitive drifting worldwide, with the constant aim of improving and growing the sport we love.

Irish competitive drifting will continue to succeed in 2020, with a new and capable leader at the helm. There will be no sale and all of our resources/contacts will be passed on free of charge. I will do all that I can to support them and hope our incredible Irish drift community will help them push the sport to new heights. From September on, I aim to enjoy this nation’s greatest motorsport from it’s most rewarding areas, the fences and the grid. It has been an honour and a privilege to share so many unforgettable memories with you all.

We will finish our term at the event that has broken so many records, using a layout that put Irish competitive drifting on the international map. A fitting final chapter to an amazing story.

Thank you all,

Dave Egan”

Here is also the video…


– We created the first drift livestream in Ireland.

– We created the ‘Global Warfare’ event, bringing high-profile international drivers to Ireland for the first time. 98 international drivers, from 27 countries, have competed in Ireland since 2013.

– A round of the European championship has been held 4 times in Ireland since 2013.

– We created the world’s first competitive indoor event at Millstreet, Co, Cork.

-We created 3 ground-breaking events on the docks in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

– We worked with Mondello Park to lay new drift-specific tarmac sections. A first for an international grade circuit in Europe.

– We broke the Mondello Park attendance record on 5 occasions since 2013.

– We re-secured Punchestown and Watergrasshill as viable drift venues.

– We collaborated with governing bodies for the first time on crossover events and Motorsport Ireland now recognise pro drift licenses for other forms of motorsport.

– We created the Irish Amateur Drift Championship and it ran successfully for 3 seasons.

– We created a feature length documentary ‘Heroes for The Weekend’.

– We partnered with some of the biggest companies in the world.

– We hired young, talented and passionate full-time staff with an aim to promote the sport every day of the year. A first for drifting in Europe.

– We created the highest monetary reward system for drivers in the history of the sport.

– Irish drivers went on to win 4 UK, 4 European and 2 Formula Drift titles since 2013.

– The Irish are now considered to have the best national series in Europe.

– Irish drifting became one of the Top 10 most watched sports in Ireland.

-We ran 46 events, over 6 years, with no professional mistakes.

– Over those 46 events, all suppliers, staff and venues were paid in full and all driver rewards were honoured.

We here are truly sad to see this happen. Dave and his team have been such a positive force in growing the European drifting scene and we were huge fans of the formats and the events.

With so many fantastic drivers and teams in the Irish Drifting scene it’s hard to think this is the end.

So now the question is, where does this leave the future of the IDC, DGX and other competive drifting in Ireland? Will someone pick up the series? Is this just a horrible joke? Or is professional competitive drifting gone for good in Ireland?

Let us know what you think of this shocking news and what you think the future holds for the IDC and others.


Photos by Mark Hannay


Dave Egan has released a statement concerning yesterday’s surprise announce, answering a few more questions and responding to the drifting communities outpouring of support and concerns. Here is the newest statement from Dave.

Incredibly humbled by so many kind words directed my way yesterday. I would like to redirect those comments towards the incredible teams I’ve worked with over the years. Without their loyalty and support, there would have been no success.

For those still a little confused by the announcement, our team will only be departing the competitive side of Irish drifting. The Drift Games brand will now focus solely on fun online car content, the Drift Games Bash and the Drift Games Experience drift school in Mondello Park. We will be working just as hard on the non-competitive side of drifting in Ireland and aim to put as many smiles on faces as we possibly can.

Drift Masters GP will be a major focus for our team and I will continue my role as COO, Commentator and PR manager. We will also be working with numerous series and drift brands across the world, to share some of our (supposed) expertise. The Irish Motor Festival, Japfest and a brand new show (to be revealed) are projects we are also heavily involved in.

Our new Irish-based media house will be finally up and running in October, providing high-quality and affordable content creation for companies and brands. We are pretty excited about this venture and can’t wait to get started.

And… I will be drifting a lot more! It’s been very hard to watch so many competitions and practice days from the sidelines. I’m not the best driver in the world, but I really want to improve my skills and try and compete at the top level.

So a pretty full schedule, but an opportunity to try some new things before I’m too old to wear my hat backwards.

A new leader of Irish drifting will be announced this off-season. As I am not selling anything, they are not a new ‘owner’. I will not be profiting from this handover in any way. I suggest people focus on the finale and let that information come when it is confirmed. No need for dramatics or panic.

With all this nostalgia in the air. I guess we had better make Japfest in Mondello Park the greatest event we have ever done. Don’t worry, we are ready to tear the place down!

Who’s ready for an encore?

So we have a few more answers and a hope these Irish Pro series will live on in some form or fashion. Japfest looks to be an exciting and dramatic ending to an Era and we couldn’t be more excited to see what happens!

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