From Belarus to Orlando – Chasing the Formula Drift Dream

Competing at the highest level in Formula Drift, is a dream of most US drifters is some form or fashion. It’s a dream most will not ever achieve. As with all professional sports, and motorsports is no different, only the best of the best get to the big stage to compete. We sat down with 2019 Formula Drift Pro 2 rookie contender, Dmitriy Brutskiy, to talk about what it took to get to the Pro 2 series, where he came from and what his plans are for 2019.

What is your name and where are you from and currently located? My name is Dmitriy Brutskiy and I was born and raised in Belarus. We came to live in the United States in 2001 when I was 15. We landed in Spokane, Washington and 1 year later I moved to the Springfield, MA where I am still currently living.

What was your first event, what did you drive and finally, how did it go? My first event was back in 2015 with Clubloose North at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  I drove my freshly bought BMW Z3. The car was 100% stock and I had never drifted before.  I was bumped up to B group for the second half of the day and that was my biggest inspiration. 

How many years have you been drifting, what got you into drifting and finally what got you into competition? I’ve been drifting for about 4 years.  During my 3rd event, I totaled my car in to the wall and decided to go full race car mode in which I stripped, caged, and installed a suspension in my car. It remained that way the rest of the season and ended up making it into A group before the end of the season.

In 2016, I drove as many events as I could and got comfortable with tandems. Again, I only 200hp on a stock motor with a LSD diff, and stock handbrake.  I have always been very competitive with everything I do.  When I was drag racing years ago, I always wanted to drift but I just didn’t know where to start. After 1 ride-a-long with my friend in early 2015, it took me 1 week to get in to drifting.

After 2 years of drifting, I wanted to move up and try myself against some drivers I was looking up to. With the amount of time and money drifting takes, I had to take the 2017 season off to finish building my house in order to make my wife happy.  (happy wife, happy drift-life) 

When the 2018 season was fast approaching, I didn’t have time to build a pro car and my Z3 wasn’t enough to complete with the Pro-AM guys, so I bought my Z4 from Michael Essa.

What is your current car for the 2019 drift season and who did the majority of your fabrication work? This year I will be driving my BMW Z4 which was built by Michael Essa & Essa Autosport.

Please provide us with the specs of your build, sponsored parts & description of motor build and power estimates. So the current set up I’m running is as follows. The motor is a S54 and has a turbo by Garrett. I’m also running CP pistons, Carrillo rods, and ARP studs.
ISC suspension installed a new set of n1 coilovers with the new updated triple s springs.
VAC Motorsports is helping me with getting and installing a new Drenth MPG sequential gearbox with a Clutch Masters twin disc clutch.

Mike Bruell of Turbo Mike Tuning will be doing a full re-tune of my car.  This year I’m hoping and praying that Turbo Mike will be able to get me around 650 whp. The car runs on Ignite Red fuel, cooled by CSF Radiators and destroys Achilles 123s tires.

What events will you be attending and competing at this season? My plan for this season is doing all 4 rounds of Formula Drift Pro2, Hyperfest & US Drift Shootout, Turismo Drift and the Stacked Motorsports Festival.  I will also be trying to attend some local fun events with Lock City Drift in Connecticut, Club Loose in New Jersey and Ready Set Drift in Pennsylvania.

Any final statements or messages to the fans?  I feel very blessed with all the help and support I get from friends and sponsors. With only 3 years of drifting, I never could have imagined that I would be competing in the Formula Drift Pro2 series. Thanks to my lovely wife Vita Brutskaya, all of this is possible.  She always supports me and lifts me up in my lowest points and helps me achieve the impossible. Thank you to all the fans out there and I will try my best to make every event I attend and every run exciting to watch and worth your time.

  Thank you to Rob Chulada, Rob Goodwin, Bill Elkins and others for their media work.

  • A big special thank you goes out to my sponsors,
  • ISC Suspension,
  • Essa Autosports,
  • Achilles Radials,
  • Ignite Racing Fuel,
  • VAC Motorsports,
  • Turbo Mike Tuning,
  • Drenth,
  • Clutch Masters,
  • CSF Radiators and
  • Slek.
  • I’m really looking forward to this very big and exciting season begin and show everyone what I can do in the FD Pro2 series.  Be sure to catch me during my FD debut in Orlando.🤙

Where can people find you on social media? My Instagram is: @dimabrutskiy and Facebook is: Dmitriy Brutskiy. You can see most of my drift content on either page.  Make sure to hit the follow button on both to stay up to date with all of my adventures.

Thank you to Dmitriy for taking the time to sit down and talk with us! I personally have watched this dude from his start to now and one thing is always consistent. Dmitriy always drives hard and puts on a show! The Formula Drift Pro 2 Series is in for some new competition this season! Bring on Orlando!

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All Photos By Rob Goodwin and Bill Elkins

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