Adam LZ wrecks 350Z

Adam LZ and Team ProxZimity take down all competitors at Stacked Motorsports Festival

Youtube stars Adam LZ along with friends Taylor Ray and Matt Mogensen traveled from Florida to the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania for The Stacked Motorsports Festival at Pocono Raceway. The team tandem competition was one of the highlights of their trip, as they looked to compete against drifting teams from around the Northeast and beyond for a top prize of $2500 and the title of Stacked Team Tandem 2018 champions.

Adam LZ
ProxZimity Stacks Up

The team of all Nissan 350z’s came out Friday and put down a few practice runs with all three cars.

But it would be the two drivers of Taylor Ray and Matt Mogensen who would spend most of the day drifting door to door in some great tandem runs on North Course.


Adam and the ProxZimity boys put down the number 1 run of qualifying with a 19 to solidly put them into the Top 8 competition.


ProxZimity Top 8
Team Neat

ProxZimity would take down Team Neat in Top 8 to move on.

Team Tri-State

Adam LZ drifting at Stacked
Adam LZ Tearing it up…Literally

Taking on Team Tri-state in Top 4 ProxZimity would lay down another near perfect run to earn their way into the finals.


Havoc Drift

Team Havoc had also been drifting their 350z’s through the Top 8 and into the finals by taking down Team Skid Mark and Barnquake.

Mike Perez

With the finals now set, event commentator Mike Perez would lead the crowd in getting hyped for the last battle of the day.

Havoc Driver Matt Knapp
Team ProxZimity

With 2500$ on the line Team ProxZimity would lay down a great first run.

Havoc Drift

Havoc followed with an equally impressive run leaving the judges with no choice but to go OMT and the crowd delighted!

Here we go OMT…

Stacked Drifting Finals
Tucker Martin laying all on the line in the finals!

Again great runs from both teams.

ProxZimity goes hard in OMT

Despite having ebrake issues and having to clutch kick the entire last run, Adam LZ, Taylor Ray, and Matt Mogensen would edge out team Havoc and take the win!

Full run video of the Finals with OMT…


Team ProxZimity Wins!

Your 2018 Stacked Motorsports Festival Team Tandem Competition winners, Team ProxZimity!

Photos by Rob Goodwin and Bill Elkins

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