Pro 2 Qualifying Leads off a Huge Formula Drift Weekend at The House of Drift

     Formula Drift Pro 2 Qualifying Results From Irwindale


 Photos by Justin Miller

   The final Formula Drift event of the year is here! Irwindale Speedway came alive today with the sounds of 1000 horsepower drifting machines ready to do battle for one last time in this historic 15th season of FD.  Tensions are high and you can actually feel the excitement in the pits as the teams are prepping for the weekends showdown. Its all on the line for all the drivers and teams. One last chance to put down a solid finish on the year. 

Ola Jaeger


Today’s schedule includes Pro practices and the highlight of Thursday, Pro 2 qualifying. The Pro 2 drivers are also at Irwindale to decide the Pro2 championship for 2018. As the standings sit going into the final Pro 2 event of the year, Travis Reeder has a 40 point lead over Dylan Hughes and 103 points over 3rd place Ola Jaeger. Sebastien Gauthier, Brody Goble, and Garrett Denton round out the Top 6 in points. These drivers are not only battling for a championship they will also earn their Pro licenses to compete next season. 



Garrett Denton Drifting at Irwindale
Garrett Denton


The last few events have seen Garrett Denton come on strong and make a name for himself as a contender in Formula Drift. Today was no different! Denton took his 2jz powered S14 out and laid down two high scoring runs earning him the #1 qualifying position for the finals and showing the world he is here to make some noise in the Formula Drift Pro 2 finals! 



Travis Reeder


In a crazy turn of events, Points leader Travis Reeder failed to make the show with his Nissan S13, putting down a 65 and a 71 which was not good enough to make a strong Top 16 field for the event. Reeder must now watch from the sidelines as Hughes moves on and hope that his lead holds! 


Formula Drift Pro 2
Dylan Hughes

Dylan Hughes had a nail biter qualifying 15th but now puts himself into great position to win the 2018 Pro 2 championship. 

Drifting at Formula Drift 2018
Crick Fillipi

Local driver Crick Filippi put down an awesome 88 point run for the home crowd and qualifies 2nd. And rounding out the Top three qualifiers was Brody Goble in 3rd with a 85 point run. 

Brody Goble



TOP 16 Bracket for Formula Drift Pro 2 Championship Round 4  

Pro 2 Round 4  Top 16 Qualifying order

1. Denton     2. Fillipi

3. Goble         4. Gauthier

5. Schmidt     6. Hurst

7. Rowlings      8. Manners

9. Jaeger        10. Robbins

11. Sexsmith     12. Donati

13. Knapik      14. Robinson

15. Hughes     16. Beechum



The action starts tomorrow, Friday October 12th at 3:15pm Eastern Standard time with Formula Drift Pro Qualifying! 

Top 16 for the Formula Drift Pro 2 Finals starts at Friday Oct 12th, at 9:15pm Eastern Standard Time! 6:15pm on the West Coast!

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