Is FR Legends really that good?

So by now if you’re in the drifting scene you no doubt have heard of the new mobile drifting game called FR Legends. Depending on whether or not you have an Iphone(for now) you may have played it.

So, is it as good as everyone in the drifting community is making it out to be?

I mean, some are even saying it took Forza Horizons 4’s thunder. In a nutshell, the answer is yes! The game is addictingly good and before you know it you will have hours in grinding on the skid pad to improve your skills and car.


The game boasts a ton of customizations both internal and external, including multiple body kits, the ability to remove panels (willingly or not) and a slew of other parts and settings. For a brand new game this is definitely heavy on the customizing side already!

There are a few drift cars to shred with.  A Toyota 86, Nissan s13 coupe, BMW E30, Lexus IS300, and an AE86 Hatch.  So how do the cars handle? In my opinion the handling is forgiving yet challenging enough to keep coming back to perfect that section. Tandem drifting is a huge part of the game and does not disappoint either. Although for right now you run against bots, the battles are intense and the unforgiving scoring system will keep you on your toes if not screaming at your phone! Tracks like Irwindale and Ebisu are in the game but take some time grinding to unlock.

All in all we are completely addicted and in love with FR Legends. I am definitely looking forward to the addition of multi-player in the near future. The game is available now on the Apple store and coming soon for Android users.

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